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Deleting this account, I dont have the time to keep up with it, make posts and what not. And I dont get any help. Sorry, but family and school come first. I hope you all have a wonderful year!! Stay safe and be happy! 


Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
Its the little things in life that make the big picture so beautiful.
Opening up confessions!

IF you have a confession you’d like me to do ut it in my ‘Ask’ box or submit it!

I do have another blog but ill work on these as often as I can.

Thanks y’all,


Not sure if these confessions are going to be a good idea or a really bad one….

Whats your opinion on Confessions in general?
Should this blog do confessions?

If y’all like ‘em Ill keep ‘em going. And if not Ill stop them.


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